Partnering with us can help you grow your business. From quality products to end-to-end enrollment, we are committed to developing long-term relationships that protect our clients while giving them the best tailored business solutions and service.

Broker Resources

We are always looking for Brokers and trusted referral partners to help provide the tailored solutions that our clients have come to love. 


In turn, our group voluntary and individual products will give you the options needed to provide your clients with a comprehensive quality offering. To learn how you can partner with us, send an inquiry email to

Enrollment Services

Our agency can provide you with education and enrollment services, making us a one-stop-shop for your benefit enrollment needs. 


Our experts have the tools you'll need to help your clients bring additional value to their employees with our products and cost-saving enrollment solutions. To learn how you can partner with us, send an inquiry email to

Telemedicine Services

Give your group access to qualified doctors 24/7 through non-emergency telemedicine.  Telemedicine doctors can diagnose, recommend treatment, and prescribe medication when necessary through the use of telephone consultations.


To learn how you can partner with us to provide telemedicine services to your group, send an inquiry email to

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